An advanced Glass Nano-coating with a long-term hydrophobic and protective effect on automotive glass surfaces.


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It repels water and prevents adhesion of foreign matter on treated surfaces. Once applied its self-assembling technology forms a very thin (1-1.5 microns) yet very strong (up to 9H on Mohs scale) shield sealing off the surface. Water runs of easily; dirt and dust are washed away by rain or when rinsed with water.

It protects glass against stains from calcium and salt. It cannot be removed by water or regular cleaners, window cleaning tools or with high pressure equipment. It becomes water-resistant in 15 - 30 minutes after application, reaching its optimal repellent effect within 12 - 24 hours. Long-lasting formula that protects the car glass and enhance vision in bad weather condition up to 30.000 km or 2 years.

Wiper use becomes obsolete over 30 Km/h, vision is enhanced 100% in bad weather conditions.

Easy to apply and long-lasting on any kind of automotive glass surfaces from windscreen to rear window and mirrors.

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