Professional grade ceramic nanocoating that ensures the highest protection and gloss on a long-term basis for your vehicle paintwork.


LIQUID CRYSTAL PRO due its self-assembling technology forms a thick but invisible, ultra-durable, high-gloss, inorganic layer of 9H optically clear ceramic shield, creating a strong protection against bird droppings*, harsh chemicals, contaminants, dirt or hard water spots for up to 5* years if correctly applied and maintained. Its chemical structure is resistant to pH of 2 up to 12 and it can resist temperatures between -30 and +250 C. A super hydrophobic effect ensures a Self-cleaning process making easy to remove any remaining stubborn bonded contaminants, bird droppings* or hard water spots. Applied in a double layer version, the high-density LIQUID CRYSTAL PRO ceramic coating becomes the ultimate protection against resisting swirls, contaminants and dirt preserving and increasing the aspect and value of your vehicle over time. Be very careful, once applied it cannot be easily removed.

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