LIQUID CRYSTAL LITE represents the consumer version of Aquashield’s ultra-durable Liquid Crystal Pro ceramic nanocoating.


LIQUID CRYSTAL LITE forms a durable, high-gloss, self-assembling inorganic layer of 7H optically clear ceramic. Its self-assembling technology ensures a strong protection against bird droppings, contaminants, dirt or hard water spots for up to 2 years if correctly applied, preserving the initial state of your vehicle’s paint. Gloss levels are preserved significantly longer when compared with traditional paint protection products such as car wax. Its chemical structure is resistant to chemicals with a pH of 2 up to 12 and it can resist temperatures between -30 and +250 C. Bonded contaminants such as tar or hard water spots become easy to remove using just high pressure water. Applied in a double layer version, the high-density LIQUID CRYSTAL LITE becomes a 7H (on Mohs scale) long term durable shield against resisting swirls, contaminants and dirt preserving the value of your vehicle. Once applied it can be removed only using a grit sand paper.

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